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15 Jan Released: 15 Jun DVD Release: $M Box office: 0, Norwegian, subtitle The Book of Eli p BluRay DTS HD MA 5 1 x The Book of Eli movie YIFY subtitles - details. The Book of Eli. +. 7. -. English Language: sub Uploader: DOWNLOAD SUBTITLE · gioia on Movie details. AKA:The Book of Eli (eng), The Book Of Eli (eng), Книга Iлая (eng) Movie Rating / 10 () min [ Some will kill to have it. He will.

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Subtitles The Book Of Eli.2010

The Book of Eli subtitles. AKA: The Book Of Eli , Книга Iлая, El libro de los secretos. Some will kill to have it. He will kill to protect it.. After the Apocalypse Eli . Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller. The Book of Eli. year. 1h 58mlength. IMDB. 48Tomato. Denzel Washington, Mila Kunis, Ray Stevenson, Gary Oldman. Download The The Book of Eli () English Subtitle - SUBDL.

Antonio — a prominent merchant of Venice in a melancholic mood. Bassanio, a young Venetian of noble rank, wishes to woo the beautiful and wealthy heiress Portia of Belmont. Having squandered his estate, he needs 3, ducats to subsidise his expenditures as a suitor. Bassanio approaches his friend Antonio , a wealthy merchant of Venice who has previously and repeatedly bailed him out. Antonio agrees, but since he is cash-poor — his ships and merchandise are busy at sea to Tripolis , the Indies , Mexico and England — he promises to cover a bond if Bassanio can find a lender, so Bassanio turns to the Jewish moneylender Shylock and names Antonio as the loan's guarantor. Antonio has already antagonized Shylock through his outspoken antisemitism and because Antonio's habit of lending money without interest forces Shylock to charge lower rates. Shylock is at first reluctant to grant the loan, citing abuse he has suffered at Antonio's hand. He finally agrees to lend the sum to Bassanio without interest upon one condition: if Antonio is unable to repay it at the specified date, Shylock may take a pound of Antonio's flesh. Bassanio does not want Antonio to accept such a risky condition; Antonio is surprised by what he sees as the moneylender's generosity no "usance" — interest — is asked for , and he signs the contract. With money in hand, Bassanio leaves for Belmont with his friend Gratiano, who has asked to accompany him. Gratiano is a likeable young man, but he is often flippant, overly talkative, and tactless.

However, there are no indications of radiation sickness and the general pattern of destruction seems more consistent with a general global disaster. There's also an odd passage of dialogue about the sky opening up and the sun coming toward the Earth. Ultimately, as in most post-apocalyptic movies, the cause of humanity's near extinction is irrelevant, but it would be appreciated for the subject to be approached with a degree of consistency.

Eli Denzel Washington is a modern-day prophet. He walks the Earth, heading West, with the last known copy of the Bible in his backpack. God has informed him to proceed to a place where the Word can take root in this new world, and woe be to anyone who gets in his way.

Subtitles for YIFY movie The Book of Eli

Eli has superhero-like skills with a scimitar and is equally proficient with guns. His travels take him to a town that's like a place out of the Old West, populated by outlaws and the people they prey upon, and lorded over by a marshal-like figure named Carnegie Gary Oldman. Carnegie is an ambitious fellow who believes the Bible can be employed as a weapon to win the hearts and minds of the undertrodden and allow him to build a local empire.

Eli isn't interested in joining forces with Carnegie, so he ends up on the run, accompanied by Solara Mila Kunis , an attractive young woman whose life he saves. The actors are all fine, but The Book of Eli lacks a standout performance.

Denzel Washington is credible as a solitary figure who strides with a larger-than-life gait through the crumbling wreckage of a world where faith has been lost. Gary Oldman, who has perfected a pattern for playing the heavy, avoids going so far over the top that we're tempted to laugh at him.

Mila Kunis looks too comely and clean to have been raised in the cesspool where she's living, but that's usually the case with attractive actresses in movies like this.

The demands of the role prove to be within her range, which is perhaps surprising considering she has been thus far pigeonholed into more lightweight parts. The Book of Eli draws inspiration from three sources: There are times when it's as if the Hughes Brothers are channeling Sergio Leone, not the least of which occurs when Eli and Carnegie's henchman played by Ray Stevenson face each other across a stretch of barren street.

All that's missing are the tumbleweeds. Eli is on a journey and his trek brings him in contact with a variety of odd characters most end up dead.

All the best stuff coming to Netflix in July 2019

And his powers, which include incredible aptitude in hand-to-hand struggles, unerring accuracy with a gun, and seeming invulnerability to bullets, would make Batman envious. There are things to appreciate about The Book of Eli. Their direction of the action scenes is crisp and kinetic, and does not rely on fast cuts and and editing-room assembly to make the fights seem fast and furious. There's also an undercurrent of dark humor that occasionally surfaces, as in a scene featuring a cameo by Michael Gambon.

The film is never uninteresting, even when its storyline turns preposterous. The Book of Eli is a decidedly mixed bag and not the most distinguished entry into the rapidly growing genre of which it finds itself a member. The Hughes Brothers Cast: Where the plot comes in is "Eli's" weak link. It doesn't try too hard to hide just what exactly the book is and that sort of dissolves some of the film's mystique.

The plot is essentially Eli wants to protect it and take it west and he has a run in with Carnegie Gary Oldman , an older man who runs a small town and desires it for selfish power-related reasons. Along the way, anyone who threatens to lay a hand on Eli gets sliced up or shot. In the two or three fight scenes where he takes down numerous guys at once, you can't help but wonder why after he kills the first few guys, the others don't run the hell away, especially considering people are otherwise in self-preservation mode living in a wasteland and they know nothing of the book.

The Hughes brothers make those scenes worthwhile, however.

There's a style and grace to their action scenes -- they create a sort of a moving tableau in some scenes and execute a wide range of tempos in the action sequences to make them more intense. When Carnegie's men encounter Eli and the young woman Mila Kunis that he inspires who follows him at the home of some old folks cameos by famous Brits Frances De La Tour and Michael Gambon , they place the camera in the middle of the action and sweep along with the gunfire part- digitally from one side to the other.

It's very cool and is an example of one way the Hugheses keep the focus away from the plot's shaky skeleton. I only have beef with their excessive slow-motion walking-toward-the-camera shots and showing a bit too much of the cloudy green-gray sky.

Some people are going to be more surprised and impressed with the film's big reveal than others, but anyone with a love of action and that post-apocalyptic context will find something to make "Eli" a worthwhile watch regardless of plot weakness. Washington is slightly under-utilized but he's an ideal fit.

He brings an intensity in his demeanor that makes him an intriguing character and the film does a good job of making his character more central than anything else. If you are looking for a film with some deeper meaning then I would not recommend it. However, if you are looking for a film with beautiful cinematography, solid acting and a little bit of fun action then you will be pleased.

The key in watching the film is to not download into the plot too much, which is where the viewer is going to be disappointed. The ending is a little far fetched and I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

Book of Eli, The | Reelviews Movie Reviews

Although I honestly don't see a particularly good ending for the basic premise of the film. If you are able to put the silliness with the story behind you, the film is wonderfully done. There is great camera work with interesting angles and framing; the set showcases the contrast between the stark light of the sun and the shadows where humankind is hiding; and the acting makes you want to download into the characters and their conflicts.

I would recommend seeing the film, just don't get too involved with the story. Instead concentrate on the acting and the scene.

And maybe Oprah. If not, the church should provide the people who made this movie with free blessings for a year - or whatever.

This movie uses misleading advertising to draw us in. What we expect is an apocalyptic thriller with a super strong survivor trying to make his way through life. We know from the advertising that he has a book he must protect - but we are not told that it is a bible. The last bible. And then the propaganda begins.

Subtitles for YIFY movie

Despite Eli's best efforts, his friend and the villains become aware that he has a bible. The villain wants the bible to begin a cult in his own name, Eli wants the bible because a voice told him to go to a place where the book was, and then, vaguely, to go west.

He reads it every day. The premise of the film is that he followed the voices instructions, found the book, and has been walking west for the past 30 years.

If that is your thing enjoy. My feeling on it was that the acting was not bad, the feel established by the cinematography for the movie was good but overall this film was a transparent vehicle for religious cheer leading and not much more. Being a fan of the genre, one must get used to the repetitive "lone wanderer" theme so prominently used. I figured this film would go through the same formula, but prepared to enjoy myself.

Yes it did use the lone wanderer as a driving plot device, and yes it did bring the arbitrary twist. Yes all the survivors are short on t-shirts, but live in a wealth of leather and goggles. Yes everything in this film looks like and feels like a typical post-apocalyptia.

But the substance of the story is far more powerful then I could ever have expected.